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An introduction to adult's affiliate programs
December 2008

What are they? How do they work?
Adult's affiliate programs are free to join and affiliate marketing is way most websites make money, By joining the affiliate program you are becoming an affiliate partner with that company and you get exclusive tracking links containing a unique id to use to promote their website/s. This is beneficial to both you and the affiliate company, you are sending them new customers and each time anyone signs up or places an order via your unique link you earn a commission, there are a variety of ways to make money with these programs but the most popular programs either offer a flat payment per sign-up or a percentage of all profits from your customer (this is also known as "revenue share"). Revenue share and flat rate commissions vary depending on the program and what they are willing to pay you for generating new paying customers. Some of the more popular programs now also offer you free content, like free gallery pages and video clips to promote their links with, this is an excellent way to get some quality content for your new adult website at no cost!

So you want to get started making money with adult's affiliate programs?
If you are new to websites in general: First you will need to think of a domain name for your website (we use Godaddy for domain registration - they have great customer service and low prices) It can be hard to find good names that are still available, what we suggest is creating a large list of ideas and submitting them into the bulk registration search, this will return a list of any domains that are still available for registration. Another method is to use a domain finding tool, such as Domain Fetcher which is free software.

Next you need to find an adult hosting company because most mainstream hosts do not allow adult content, so even if you already operate your own mainstream site you will likely need to find another host for your adult website, check with your current host to see if they allow adult content - if not - we have a list of some great adult hosting companies here: Adult Hosting. If you're on a limited budget and just getting started there are companies offering free adult hosting, most will run their own advertising on your pages in exchange for the free hosting, but this can be a great way to get your site up and running at little cost. We list some of the better free adult hosting providers here: Free Adult Hosting.

What kind of adult site should I make?
If you haven't decided what type of website you want to make and you don't a huge advertising budget, We recommend choosing a smaller niche area, such as a fetish like stockings or bbw... or pick something you have a personal interest in. We suggest this because the more popular themes; anal, lesbian, amateurs, teens, etc, all have way too much competition with thousands of other sites all competing for the same traffic, so picking a less saturated niche is definitely the way to go if you want people to find your site. Use your imagination, create something a bit different to all the other sites out there.

What are the best adult's affiliate programs?
Many adult webmasters say they are generating the most profit sponsoring adult dating & personals, adult webcam sites, sextoys and penis enlargement products - These are all ideal for pretty much any type of general adult related website. But if you are going to make a niche website with specific traffic, you will do better promoting content targeted toward your visitors interests, we recommend checking out our list of the top Porn & Adult Content Affiliates to see which ones offer content that would interest your visitors, most of these affiliates offer custom pages exclusively for particular audiences; gay, milf, black, asian, fetishes, etc.

We hope you found this article helpful, Let us know if you have more questions or something you think we should add.

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