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Current trends for adult webmasters
What's hot right now, current trends with adult websurfers and what has been popular in the past.

December 2008

What's popular now and why?
What's hot at the moment? Porn?... No - These days everyone can find excellent quality porn clips and pictures for free online so why would they pay for it? What's popular lately are live interactive products like adult webcam chat sites, VOD (Video on Demand) which offers instant streaming online adult movie rentals (online pay-per-view), and personal products like sex toys and penis enhancement pills are also very popular - these are items that many people prefer to purchase privately online instead of from a traditional sex shop and with the massive growth in online shopping lately these products are performing better than ever before. Some niche porn categories are still performing well when people can't much of their favorite fetish for free. Because most webcam sites and video on demand sites charge per minute or per clip, you make huge profits compared to traditional monthly membership sites like premium porn sites.

A little history:
Online porn began gaining heavy popularity around the mid to late 1990's, when the internet was still a relatively new thing. In the beginning people made money by setting up their own membership based porn sites so most of the adult sites were either pay sites or payment processing services for those sites. The early membership sites usually contained some collections of quality "hardcore" pictures and videos of a particular model updated on a regular basis and other "fan features" offered exclusively to paying members. Shortly after this early entrepreneurial webmarketers began creating link directories and picture galleries to promote these pay sites in return for commissions, webmasters were offered special links to track their "click-throughs" The birth of the affiliate program!

What was popular in the past?
Previously premium porn sites are what has performed the best for adult webmasters in the past, adult dating and personals have always performed pretty well too, but with the massive growth in the number of sites and huge amount of free porn available these days and the high quality of the free porn available now traditional porn sites simply don't generate as much revenue as they used to. Adult dating sites have been heavily promoted over the past decade with many people having already joined or tried one that the market is now pretty saturated, but it can still be a good earner if you promote one of the newer companies. See our reviews of adult dating/personals affiliate programs here.

We hope you found this article helpful, Let us know if you have more questions or something you think we should add.

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